Heel Pain

Its difficult to understand what the fuss is all about when someone tells you that their heel is really painful and they can’t put weight on it.
As a professional I can appreciate the limitations that can result from heel pain and the development of other issues due to walking badly as a result of heel pain.

When it strikes it can stop you from doing the things you enjoy.

It’s important in my opinion therefore to treat early for the best results. So, if you have developed heel pain and are waiting to see what happens – don’t – it is far better to get a professional opinion and the right treatment early.

As a Podiatrist I will be able to assess, by way of a biomechanics like assessment, and treat your heel issue using exercises and special inserts for the shoes called orthotics. I’ve had many years of experience as a Podiatrist and have had good results in the management of heel pain.

So, get back to your old self- get treated now.

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