Gait Analysis System

My name is Rashmita, I’m a podiatrist.  I would like to present a brief video showing our gait analysis system.

As shown in the video, it consists of various sizes of insoles. These insoles are made with specialist technology which is revolutionising gait analysis. 

They have hidden sensors within them which detect pressure and movement to put it simply.

Prior to treatment, the insoles are charged.  Once charged, the correct size is selected and placed into the patients own shoes which should be appropriate for the analysis.

The patient is then asked to walk or run during which time the insoles gather the vital information telling us what the feet are doing at different stages.  As the insoles are in constant contact with the feet information is gathered regarding muscle activity during the non contact phase of the walking or running cycle as well.

All of this information is then relayed to the laptop via bluetooth.  The data is then processed and presented in the form of figures, graphs and pictures with the aim of determining what the issues are and where they are coming from.

For the Podiatrist this provides a wealth of information which can then be used to form a treatment package.  This can include exercises to stretch and strengthen muscles and orthotics which will place the feet in the best functional position.  The treatment can result in great improvement of function, reducing pain and stress to knees, hips and the lower back.

It is proving to be a great diagnostic tool for many issues experienced by our patients.

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