Podosmart Gait Analysis

Introducing a great new system into the clinic.  Podosmart is an in shoe assessment system which utilises cutting edge technology to collect a wealth of information.

This system has helped me to improve my assessment of my patient by measuring objective biomechanical data related to characteristic  gait which cannot be observed by the naked eye. The results are translated into clinical data in order to propose the most appropriate treatment.

Some of the data provides information on foot position during the contact phase which is invaluable in determining the issues which may be affecting my patient .  Apart from the information during the time that the feet are in contact with the ground the system provides an insight into how the hip flexors are contributing to gait and their influence on it.  Progressing down the legs, the system highlights whether the upper and lower leg muscles are working in harmony, whether there is a discrepancy and from this it can be determined whether work needs to be done in the form of exercises which will then be tailored to the patient based upon the information.  Progressing forward orthotics can be prescribed to improve foot function and as a result reduce pain or gait anomaly’s .

The visuality of the system is an invaluable tool for me when I am explaining a foot or leg issue to my patient.  It provides clarity and therefore understanding with regards to the treatment that is needed.  In turn this improves my patient compliance to the treatment prescribed and therefore results in a much better outcome.

It is also a great tool in falls prevention as some of the information provided indicates the angle of heel strike during gait.  Depending upon the result it will highlight any issues which will direct the treatment plan and could also be valuable information for the patients GP.

I am very excited to be able to use such technology to help my patients gain a better insight into their issues and see the progress through the treatment.


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